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Aug 6

4 PM ET / 1 PM PT

PlayStation: State of Play

Updates on PS4 games and already announced PS5 titles.

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Aug 27


gamescom 2020 Opening Night Live

Opening Night Live, Daily Show, Awesome Indies, and Best Of Show.

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Aug 28


gamescom 2020: Daily Show

gamescom 2020's Daily Show

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Aug 29


gamescom 2020: Daily Show + Awesome Indies

gamescom's Daily Show and Awesome Indies show.

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Aug 30


gamescom 2020: Best of Show

gamescom 2020 Best of Show

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got questions?

Is Summer Game Fest a show?

SGF is a season for events and digital activities that will run from May - August 2020. It is not a singular show.

Uh, four months seems like a long time for an event?

There won’t be events every day of Summer Game Fest -- think of it like a summer concert series where there are dark days at a venue.

Great, so what’s the SGF schedule?

Events will be added to the schedule on a rolling basis as they are announced. Once an event is announced you can set a reminder to tune in.

Which game companies will participate in SGF?

See the list on the site of the current announced publishers. Additional publishers, developers, and events will be announced in the coming weeks.

I’m worried, my favorite game publisher/
developer isn’t listed?

Stay tuned for the announcement of additional phases of publishers and partners. We’re pretty confident that between May - August you’ll be hearing lots of great video game news from the biggest names in gaming and many fantastic independent developers too.

Where can I watch SGF?

Streaming content will run on publisher owned & operated channels and on media partner platforms, and be embedded right here on the SGF website.

What kind of playable content should I expect?

SGF will feature special playable content on Steam, Xbox and more platforms to be announced.  This will range from demos/alphas/betas of upcoming games to special in-game events and free trials. Each platform will communicate specific details in the future. The Steam Game Festival has been announced to run June 9 - 14.

I have an idea for SGF, you open to hearing about it?

If you have an idea for a program you’d like to create and brand around SGF, we’d love to hear about it:
email us at